Exploiting synergies, creating perfect solutions.

Initially Monoflo was specialized exclusively in the production of automatic animal watering systems, exactly under this point we are best known as a company.

For the production of the various watering systems, we have built an extensive machine park and four manufacturing plants. Therefore, nothing was more obvious than to offer our own perfect network also for the production of your individual solutions.

We manufacture from unique pieces to large-scale production. Depending on specific customer requirements, we process a wide variety of metallic and also non-metallic materials.

Depending on the manufacturing method, your drawing specifications are prepared either conventionally or by means of CAD-CAM workstations in terms of production technology and professionalism. Production then takes place on the basis of a tested and coordinated manufacturing process.

Our sales office in Heppenheim coordinates your solution with our four manufacturing facilities and passes on the cost advantages of global production directly to you.

We can also gladly carry out additional assembly work for you. So use the Monoflo network to your advantage - from manufacturing to an unbeatable price. We crack many a tough nut for you.