1. History

Since 1962, MONOFLO has been a family-owned company with its headoffice and central warehouse in Heppenheim (approx. 50km from Frankfurt am Main).
Today, the Monoflo Group employs more than 200 people worldwide, production and sales are organized globally, and CNC metalworking has been expanded as an independent production division.

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2. Manufacturing facilities

Monoflo has a total of four manufacturing sites on three continents and contracts out the production of its products to the most suitable location. The decisive factors for awarding the contract are not only the best price, but also factors such as capacity, machinery and delivery times.

All material purchasing and production investments are coordinated and financed by the control center in Heppenheim. Only energy and labor costs are borne by the plants themselves. We pass on the advantages of this optimal cost structure directly to you. 

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Every person is a customer, because we all buy goods. From this perspective, we know well the needs of our customers and want to meet them. Our goal is not only to satisfy the customer, but also to make them happy. Because only the happy customers like to come to us.

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