Monfolo - for the love of detail!

You need assistance with....

  • Individual special designs?
  • Surface treatments?
  • Mass production?

And expect.....

  • Consistent TOP quality and reliability
  • Fast delivery times
  • A warehouse in Germany

Our customers

Why Monoflo?

Our decades of know-how in stainless steel processing for automatic animal drinking systems has made us well-known throughout Europe in over 60 years.

Due to increasing enquiries and orders from the industrial sector, we have continuously expanded our machinery and founded Monoflo Production.

Today, we offer our customers individual customer solutions with state-of-the-art CNC machines at four production locations in Europe. Whether you need solution-oriented one-offs or large-scale production - Monoflo is your partner for specific requirements in the processing of different metallic and also non-metallic materials.

We manufacture according to your drawing specifications either conventionally or using CAD-CAM workstations.

Our head office in Heppenheim is your contact, coordinates all European production facilities, ensures quality assurance and passes on the cost advantages of global production directly to you.

You too can profit.

MONOFLO - price and performance are right!

Helmut Rader | CEO