This is what you can count on from Monoflo.

Our network of reliable and long-time factories can make a wide range of custom made parts. We are the link between these factories and you, selecting the best possible partner for your demand. These CNC and conventional process are available:

  • CNC-turning
  • CNC-milling (3–5 Axles)
  • CNC-Laser cutting
  • CNC-Sheet bending
  • Welding: MIG, MAG, WIG
  • Bending
  • Deep-drawing
  • Surface treatment
  • Injection moulding

We manufacture as per customer specifications and requirements.

  • Inquiry with drawing or sample - if necessary we will issue a technical drawing
  • Offer by us 
  • After offer is accepted, we supply you a sample for approval
  • After sample approval we start to make and prepare the tools and devices for production.
  • Production, quality control and packaging at the factory
  • Shipment of the goods from Monoflo to you.

Monoflo – for everyone the best solution