Use the synergy, create the best solutions

In the beginning Monoflo specialized itself on the production and distribution of automatic drinking systems for livestock and in this area we are known and respected world-wide.

Later we began to develop custom-made products for our clients, supplying a wide range of stainless steel components for livestock installations and equipment. Consequently we used this experience and the existing network of partner factories to expand our CNC-processing and supply components into the industrial sector. Quickly we were able to build up a customer base, giving our demanding customers custom made CNC and conventional solutions.

We manufacture components from trial runs to mass production. Depending on the customers requirements we use a wide range of materials, with our focus on stainless steel.

Our office in Heppenheim is the link between our factories and customers. We coordinate the production process, supplying materials and machines, and pass on the advantages of this global sourcing directly on to you. Additional assembly work can also be offered.

Use the Monoflo-network to your advantage, from production to price, we strive to give you the best.

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